Thursday, June 30, 2011

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basically in this video, the speaker are talking about what is the sound of the space? Indeed, when we ask to ourself what could be the "space music" we will problably say that space is the freedom of the silent. But it isn't. each planet or star have his proper sound.
This manner to explore the vault of heaven is called radioastronomy and it studys the radiowaves becoming from the space. These precious information may help scientists to penetrate the space mysteries such as how old it is, from what is it made.
The speacker explain using enecdotes when the space has been heard for the first time. indeed, due to a curious coincidence when Grahm Bell invented the telephone and the network cable start to grow, inconsiusly they were setting up antenas, which will receive the space radiowaves. Thomas Watson note that weird sounds can be listen to the telephone and dedicated lots of hours to listen to this strange music. He corectly guess that the sound were coming from the heaven and also atribute certain sound to the sun surface activity. 
Later Wortsen invented the technology that will revolution the telecomunication and he accidently were the first person to explore the space radiowaves and stars sounds. Then studying if radiowave were suitable for carring sounds they investigated some different sounds but one were difficult to give to him an origin. This sound were from the space and since this observation radio astronomy starts. They rapidly directed antennas over the planets such as Jupiter, Saturn and many more. Latter, radio waves exploration of space achieved with a horn antenna have been performed in order the increase the sensitivity of the measurement but all the experiments reveal that one particular sound appears in each measurement. This sound was in the range of microwaves and appear to becoming from all direction. Scientist have suppose that may due to the technology because it makes no sense to have a sound that comes from everywhere.
The people were not aware that the sound will become the oldest sound of the universe because it was the sound of the Big Bang.

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  1. Fantastic summary and choice of video. The read was very informative. Good work.