Tuesday, June 28, 2011

create a product

From the following source, 
I resume the tips which are important in the creation of prototype

1 step: - define a need of the market or a problem to solve

This step consist in analyze what the society needs for a certain purpose.

2 step : the prototype.

That step consist in create a pre production of the product, which will satisfy the need of the market or simply replace one product by another better.
This is the critical point because you need to make your product different compare with someone doing satisfying the same need or basically create a product that doesn’t exist.

Once the first prototype has been produce, we can point some advantages that the prototype leads in the enhancement of the final product.

-        the product can be tested and as a consequence it enable the refinement of the design and the functionality
-        It makes possible to test a diver panel of material in order to find which is the most efficient in terms of performance of the product and also in the point of view of the cost
-        It helps to describe the product
-        It helps to the other people to take you seriously. That mean, when the final prototype has been achieved it will be easier to have interviews in order to start the production.

Once the production has been start, then the second point is how to promote efficiently the product in the purpose to go as deep as possible into the market.

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  1. Very well cited, thank you for that. Citations can be easily overlooked. Good initiative.