Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence day

I will talk about the independence of Morocco:

when does it happened? 7 april 1956 by signing an agreement between Mophammed V and the General Franco

How the indepence grows?

In the beginning of the 20th century Marocco had signed a protection agreement with Spain and France.
Then, in the middles of the 20's Marocco has showed a strong economic expansion. This fact, has rose a strong europian capitalist grup in order to take a maximum of benifits. A such increase of the economics has dramaticaly incresed the socials inegality. As the other colonized countries, the Maroccan are the victims of oppretion and explotation.
In the beginning of the 30's nationalism ideas started to grow in the Maroccan society. During 2 followed decades many natiaonalism parties have been created and many exhibition spreading independency ideas were achived. During this time the represion against the natialism leader increased, keeping a lot them into the jail.
In 1947, the independent speech of the sultan Mohammed Ben Youssef,  has as a result make the dismiss of the general secretary of the protection agreement M. Labonne.
Then in 1953, the sultan Mohammed Ben Youssef exiled in Corse to avoid the represion. A new one takes the places supported by the Marakesh's pacha. That election had provoked strong disorder.
Since the 20th August 1953 the revolution started. The French governement felt not confortable with the problem due to the international presssure.
Finally France had to think strongly in the Maroccan question. Indeed France was in war against Algeria at this time, and many meeting have been done beetween Maroccan and French to talk about the problem.
Finally the 6 noevember 1955 France recognize the principle of independence of Marocco, ten days after, the exiled sultan came back to the country. On the 15th february 1955 the negotiation about independence between France and Morocco had strated.
The 7th march 1955, Morocco is officially free of the french yoke and on the 7th April 1955 an signed agreement between Madrid and the sultan put a term to the sovereignty of Spain.

Comparing with america, we can note that the oppression provoked by someone can lead to the rise of the desire of being free. In opposite to america, in morocco the oppression were applied by a country that have colonized the land instead of the mother patria.
A worth nothing point, is the way that permit to reach the independence. Indeed, americans had had to fight against Britain to win the freeness instead of the moroccan that had had used exhibition and opposition to the system and finally the diplomatic way could gave us the independence.

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